From beans to bar...

...entirely handcrafted chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate


We handcraft our chocolate, inspired by traditional Mayan and Aztec methods of production.


We pan roast our cacao beans, shell them one by one and grind them with a bit of unrefined cane sugar. 


We cold work the cacao paste so that the sugar doesn't melt and the precious aromatic compounds of the cacao don't flash off. 


It's the crunchiness of the sugar in the intensely aromatic cacao that makes Sadé chocolates so unique.


We are proud of being the only micro-batch bean to bar chocolate makers in Switzerland.

unrefined, pure, unadulterated


Our cacao comes from small farms in Colombia where it has been carefully cultivated  in the respect of the soil and traditions.


A cacao which expresses its land mustn't endure the excessive refining process and additions that industrial methods use to please the largest audience possible. 


Because we respect our cacao, we've chosen to let it express its nature. 


As a result, our cacao is pure, unadulterated and unaffected.



our chocolate


Chocolate is amazingly rich in aromatic compounds. 


The soil of the cacao tree and the specific way the beans are fermented, dried, roasted and ground are decisive on how these aromatic compounds will express themselves. 


Our unrefined chocolate is only sweetened with a touch of cane sugar so that the cacao, which has been made unique by its soil and its entirely handcrafted elaboration, can shine through. 


Our "Eclats de cacao" and other creations are made of pure Colombian cacao paste enhanced with diverse and sometimes surprising aromatic preparations.


We draw inspiration from our intuitions, experiences and other culinary traditions to sublimate our cacao and reveal its unique nuances.


Our chocolates are handcrafted in small  batch in the countryside of Geneva, Switzerland.


Our products are vegan and do not contain any artificial aromas, preservatives or flavor enhancers.