Pure, unrefined, unadulterated...Sadé

Sadé came into existence through disappointment. 



Chocolate is inseparable from our fondest childhood memories. 


It's a delicious company in our various celebrations. 


It takes as many shapes as it needs to be present in every turning points of our lives. 


Powdered, in chips, as bars, bonbons, bunnies or eggs, there is chocolate in every nook of our daily lives. 


And yet, so few of us really know it. 


Where does it come from? What does it reveal from its terroir and traditions? How has it been made? By whom?



Many chocolate eaters would be surprised to discover that chocolate, which has become this mass product we swallow mindlessly and take for granted, was for the Mayas and Aztecs a real "Food for the Gods", sacred and honored.



Disappointed by having to settle for a mass product stripped from its nutritional, gustatory, historical and cultural values, we embarked on a quest of making the authentic and non disfigured chocolate we were craving for. 



We named Sadé, this pure and uncorrupted chocolate we were so committed to.



This word we borrowed from Turkish defines perfectly our chocolate and intentions: pure, without trickery, simple and we dare to admit, naive. 



Our entirely handmade process

Our quest for the original chocolate brought us to discover and adopt entirely handcrafted production methods developed by Mayas and Aztecs. 



Like them, we are not sparing with our efforts and do accomplish by hand every step of this time consuming process which turns cocoa beans into chocolate. 



Our journey begins by searching for high quality cacao produced in small farms where nature and human dignity are fully respected.  



Once we receive our precious beans, we control them to separate possible debris and we gently roast them in the pot, stirring constantly until our five senses all agree that the ideal roasting is achieved. 


We then shell them to avoid the bitterness of the husks interfere with the chocolaty taste we want to reveal. 



This delicately roasted and carefully shelled cacao is then ready to be ground with a touch of unrefined cane sugar which to further enhance its aromatic profile.  


We ground our cocoa beans with the unrefined sugar using a hand operated mill, which preserves the mixture from being heated. 


This method allows us to keep the chocolate unadulterated. 


The aromatic intensity and the crunchy texture of hand ground cocoa beans mixed with crispy raw sugar make Sadé Chocolates so unique.