Sadé arose from a dismay. 


Chocolate is deeply intertwined with our fondest childhood memories.

It delights our most diverse celebrations.

It gives taste to life when everything else seems bland. 

It takes as many shapes as it needs to be there at every milestone of our lives.

In powder, in chips, in bunnies, in bars and bonbons, chocolate is in every crannies of our daily lives.


However, few of us really know it. 

Where does it come from? What does it reveal from its soil? How has it been handcrafted? By whom?


Who could suspect chocolate was for the Maya and Aztecs a sacred and venerated food, far away from the mass market product it has become nowadays and that we overeat without further thoughts?



Puzzled by having to make do with a product deprived of its nutritional, gustative, historical and cultural values, we decided to create the kind of authentic and unadulterated chocolate we were craving for.  



We named "Sadé" this pure and uncorrupted chocolate for which we were willing to do anything. 

This word we borrowed from Turkish defines perfectly our chocolate and our


intentions: pure, without trickery, simple and let's not be ashamed of admitting, naive. 

Our entirely handcrafted process

 Our quest for original chocolate lead us to discover and adopt fully artisanal production methods developed by the Mayas and Aztecs.

Like them, we are working hard to accomplish by hand every step of the long and laborious process which turns cacao beans into chocolate. 


Our journey begins by researching high quality cacao, cultivated in small farms where nature and human dignity have been respected (no slave our child labor, as it is the case in plantations that supply industrial chocolate producers).


Once we receive our precious beans, we sort them out, pan roast them on moderate heat, while continually stirring until our five senses agree that the ideal roast is reached. 

Then, we shell the beans one by one to ensure their skins will not impair their bitterness to the chocolate. 


This delicately roasted and thoroughly shelled cacao is now ready to be ground with a bit of unrefined cane sugar which will sublimate its aromatic profile. 



We cold work our subtly sweetened cacao paste in order not to undermine the chocolate's flavor.

We also make sure we don't go over 50 degrees Celsius to prevent the sugar from melting.


Sadé chocolates owe their unique qualities to their incomparable aromatic intensity and the crunchiness of the sweetened cacao.