Unrefined, pure, intense

We are committed to preserve our cacao from any transformation that could harm its precious character.

That is why we spared our chocolate the step called "conching". 


This process involves grinding the cacao and the sugar at high temperature (as high as 90 degrees Celcius or more), for many hours (sometimes even days) until the particles of the mixture become undetectable on the tongue. 



Besides refining the cacao until it becomes unrecognizable, conching also serves to boil off some volatile compounds that may displease the average consumer. 


Out of respect for our chocolate and the legacy of its soil, we have chosen to reject standards of industrial chocolate.  


 The melt-in-the mouth texture, the vanilla and milky flavors we have been taught to associate with chocolate aim, in fact, at making the product attractive to as many consumers as possible while reducing the production costs. 


The excessive refining process during conching, the addition of milk powder, vegetable or animal fats, artificial flavorings, other substances and loads of sugar hide the bitterness of low quality industrial cacao and make the mixture palatable. 


The milk powder not only allows to weaken a cacao taste some consumers may find too strong, but also considerably lowers the costs by replacing the expensive cacao butter. 

Sadé chocolates do not need these artifices.


A gentle roasting and a simple grinding with a bit of unrefined cane sugar is all our carefully cultivated cacao needs to reveal an abundance of flavors. 


Our chocolates are unrefined, rustic, unadulterated and intensely aromatic. 


They are fully at ease with being atypical and confusing.