Cold-ground, intact, intense

We are committed to preserving our cacao from any transformation that could harm its precious character.


That is why we don't inflict on our chocolate the step called "conching". 


This process involves grinding the cacao and the sugar at high temperature (as high as 90 degrees Celcius or more), for many hours (sometimes even days) until the particles of the mixture become undetectable on the tongue.


Besides making the cacao lose its distinctive texture by over-refining it, conching also serves to boil off unpleasant volatile compounds that are signs of a defective cacao. 



Out of respect for our chocolate and the legacy of its soil, we have chosen to reject standards of industrial chocolate.  


Altering the aromatic compounds of the cacao by conching, adding vegetable fats, artificial aromas and an excessive amount of sugar are all means to cover up the bitterness of low quality cacao and make the mixture palatable. 



Sadé chocolates do not need these artifices.


A gentle roasting and a simple grinding with a bit of unrefined cane sugar is all our carefully cultivated cacao needs to reveal an abundance of flavors. 


Our chocolates are perfectly unrefined, untouched and intensely aromatic. 



They are proudly bold and atypical.